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Real Weddings feature – Calgary Bride

Real Weddings {Jenn & Clay}
One of our gorgeous couples (Jenn & Clay) are featured in Calgary Bride magazine. See some of the photos by the very talented Alan Maudie on his website as well as the write up below about there big day at Valley Ridge Golf Course in Calgary, Alberta.
Real Weddings – Calgary Bride

Must have Wedding Day Survival Kit

On wedding days I carry a LARGE emergency kit that has everything that I, the couple, bridal party or family may need. Everything from double sided tape to a portable steamer – no detail is missed. The Wedding Day Survival kit is the next best thing if you don’t have a wedding planner or day of coordinator who carries their own emergency kit on your big day.

This emergency kit will have you breathing a sigh of relief. Take on your wedding day in style and a whole host of potential emergencies with confidence. This chic, reusable train case contains 30 must-have items to keep your day running smoothly. You will be able to tackle any last minute fiasco- including wardrobe malfunctions- with this trusty case on hand. Topped with a white satin ribbon and a novelty diamond ring, this kit makes a perfect and thoughtful shower gift.

wedding survival kitOnly $49 and we here @ Posh Productions Event Planning and Design can order one for you. Something else we can take off of your “To Do” list. After all, you have enough to think about.

Unique Aisle runners for the discriminating couple

I love unique and detailed touches at weddings. It just shows a lot of thought went into it and honestly guests LOVE details. I recently saw something and thought “Wow is that ever fantastic, I can’t wait to tell my brides ” – I LOVE IT”

Aisles with Style does custom made aisle runners, that don’t slip and have a non slip backing. So go ahead and wear those Manolo’s on your big day. Yippee! The best part is you can get you aisle runner customized. Not only do you get to pick the length and color you also get the option to put your name and or wedding date on it. What a great idea and so many options for the couple that wants something customized. Now you are wondering what am I going to do with it after the wedding? There is so many things you can do. Either, cut the portion with your name and use it as a mat in your home. What a great idea to welcome guests. You can frame it, which is the way I recently saw it displayed or you can just keep it. Maybe for your home on the deck or even in you foyer? I am sure there is many more things you can do with it and if you are creative, I am sure you can come up with lots of ways to reuse this item?

I recommend you check out the website since they have so many samples on what you can do to customize these runners. You can also get it in your wedding colors, your wedding date or even a monogram.  So many options.

aisle runner

This is such a great product. Many happy clients who we have ordered these for the “big day”. All Posh Productions Event Planning and Design clients will receive 10% discount on all Aisle runners, even if they are on sale.

So if you are interested do contact us directly and we can order one for you that will ship right to your door. Gotta love that?   It’s your big day after all and every couple wants their wedding to be the talk of the town. Why not start your walk down the aisle with a stylish runner?

* To see some samples of  great aisle runners, do visit the website.
* Photo’s courtesy of Posh Productions Event Planning and Design Calgary